User App Enhancements

Microsoft Edge Browser Support

Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser now supported along with Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.


Access to Help

Help section now accessible from the Home page in addition to the Ribbon menu.

Drawing App Enhancements

Enhancement Cut, Copy, Paste Functionality

Cut, Copy, Paste using Clipboard or keyboard shortcut keys in the same drawing or different drawings.

Preview Shown When Aligning Symbols

Connection Line Behavior Improvements

  • Connection lines now do not overlap when inserting/moving symbols and connections.
  • Improved routing.

Envelope Line Enhancement

Envelope will also get copied when selected along with connection lines and symbols.

Bug Resolved

  • After selection of entities, right-click retains the selection.
  • When saving to DWG, PDF, DXF, Parts List retains its new location.
  • On moving a group of items, circuit connectivity maintained.
  • When text is added in a drawing, layout is retained on saving as PDF.
  • Metric Template Frame not included when saving to PDF.

Subscription Management

Now Easily Ewitch From Monthly to Annual Subscription.