Library Update

Manufacturer Specific Pump Symbols Added

Hydraulic Symbols Added

  • 1,392 new symbols added for Bucher, Parker, and Walvoil
  • 490 Bosch Rexroth pump symbols added

OEM Model Code Added

  • Parker - 138 Model Families containing 3,366 Model Codes
  • Bucher - 114 Model Families containing 669 Model Codes
  • Walvoil - 20 Model Families containing 63 Model Codes

NetSkeme now has over 18,000 symbols and 64,000 model codes.

Drawing Canvas

Save Files in Various Versions of the DWG and DXF File Formats

Align Multiple Symbols

Enhanced Object Selection

Window Selection (L-R - Blue): Includes all objects that are entirely enclosed in the selection rectangle.
Crossing Selection (R-L - Green): Includes all objects that are intersected by the selection rectangle.

Connection Points Maintained on the Grid

Symbol automatically relocates to the nearest grid point after the Rotation or Flip command is run, such that the connection points lie on the grid.

Clear Distinction Between Drawing Mode and Symbol Build Mode

In the Symbol Build Mode, an orange strip displays along with an Exit Symbol Build Mode button in the top right corner.

Improved Zoom Behavior

Improved precision during zoom in/out operations.

Smarter Context Menu for Envelope

Context Menu commands will now appear only when an envelope is selected and not when its Item ID is selected.

Bug Resolved

  • Resolved an incompatibility that was introduced in a recent NetSkeme release in which drawings created within AutoCAD could not be opened.
  • User prompted to save drawing when logging out after a previous active session.