How long is the NetSkeme free trial available?
NetSkeme is offered for a free 30-day trial period commencing from time of registration.
A trial subscription includes all the same functionality available with the purchased product.
NetSkeme is designed for anyone who needs to create full-featured hydraulic schematics. Traditionally sales and field service professionals could not justify purchase of high-end, more complex desktop schematic solutions. NetSkeme addresses this need with a low-cost, intuitive, and accessible solution. Power users may find features not available with NetSkeme and would be candidates for desktop solutions such as VEST HyDraw CAD
NetSkeme will import files created by a number of DWG-based hydraulic schematic solutions including: HyDraw CAD; Sun Hydraulics SmartConnect; Danfoss EasyManifold; and Delta-Power/Tecnord Xmanifold; HyDraw CAD is a desktop schematic drawing solution specifically designed for power users and is available for purchase from VEST, Inc.
No. You manage your NetSkeme files on your desktop. Files will save to your Downloads folder by default unless you have changed your Downloads settings to be prompted for save location.
A connection to the internet is required to begin working with NetSkeme. Continuing to add/edit in absence of connectivity is generally not advised. Instead, wait for the connection to restore assuring that subsequent edits are reliably saved to the cloud as a secure session back-up. Note that all work saved to the cloud will be fully restored at next login in cases where the last active session had been interrupted (e.g. loss of connection, browser closed, computer power lost).
No. The subscription period according to the plan selected applies after the trial period is complete. Payment will only be processed when the free trial completes.
Check-out those resources shown in the NetSkeme footer to keep informed or to learn more about what NetSkeme offers. The NetSkeme YouTube channel provides access to a number of useful instructional videos. Subscribe to the NetSkeme Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to get the latest information on releases or how to register for upcoming webinars.
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