What is Netskeme Enterprise?

NetSkeme Enterprise expands upon the base NetSkeme application to accommodate your company’s product lines and business model. Quickly create professional looking schematics leveraging your company’s brand, product data, and design standards without the need to connect to your office network.

Overview of NetSkeme base diagramming features.

Why NetSkeme Enterprise?


Custom Product Line-Up

Sales and Application Engineers use your product data / HyDraw® library to create schematics to company standards.

Optimize Design Pipeline

Improve responsiveness and reduce waste by eliminating re-work of schematics.

Introducing OurProjectSpace™

Administer your company users, corporate library, and design standards using this secure portal.
My Corporate Library

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My Corporate Library

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HyDraw CAD required to create symbols and data for upload?
Symbols and data can be populated using HyDraw Library Manager which is available without purchase of a HyDraw CAD license. Over 19K pre-configured ISO symbols are available to download and include. HyDraw CAD is, however, required to create custom symbols.
The ability to upload/activate company data or assign authorized user access is restricted to your company's organizational administrator. Only authorized named users are able to access your company symbols and data within NetSkeme.
The initial upload of symbols can be lengthy depending on the number of symbols to be processed and optimized in the background. Most companies would likely choose a smaller subset of symbols supporting only their current product line-up. Subsequent, incremental symbol uploads are much quicker. Symbol and data updates can be uploaded independently.
Uploaded company data can be fully verified within a special NetSkeme instance before activating for use. Revisions are maintained for all uploads with roll-back available to the last revision level.
The symbol and model search library within NetSkeme defaults to the "My Corporate Library" selection. Users can alternately chose to search in FluidPowerTools.com or even insert custom symbols created within NetSkeme. The current version of NetSkeme Enterprise allows for override of corporate preferences.
Either database type as defined in the HyDraw Library Manager is supported.


One-Time Setup

US$ 749

Annual User Subscription

US$ 498 / user / year